Gender reveal

A gender reveal session can go two ways, and I'm delighted to photograph either!

First Route: Some people prefer to wait until their gender reveal photo session to actually find out the sex of their child. The goal here is to capture the element of genuine surprise in all of their photographs. These photos tend to convey raw emotion, including happy tears, gleeful squeals and giant smiles.

When gender reveal sessions are done this way, the parents get their physician to seal an envelope with the sex of their child, which is then given to a close family member or friend -- or cake baker -- who keeps the secret and helps plan the session.

Second Route: This second option, which tends to be the more popular one, is when parents already know the sex of their unborn child. Their goal with a gender reveal session is to creatively reveal what they already know to all their friends and family!

Whatever you choose, know that this session is definitely going to be a blast. And it requires very little energy spent on your part, as well! During your consultation, we'll discuss the various creative ways we can reveal your baby's gender to the world and then, should you prefer, I'll take it upon myself to do most of the planning for you.

Full Studio Session

30 digitals
20 Jumbo Prints
1 A3 Ecoblock
Download link to your photos
DVD with all the digitals


Simple Studio Session

20 digitals
Download link to your photos


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